Fire Prevention & Safety

City of Ocoee Fire Department

Office of the Fire Marshal

563 S. Bluford Ave. Ocoee, FL  34761 ▪ Phone: 407-905-3140

 A Fire Permit is approval to repair, install, modify, and remove fire protection systems such as:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Water-based automatic suppression systems
  • Underground mains serving hydrants and/or automatic fire sprinklers
  • Chemical and gaseous agent extinguishing systems

The Florida Department of business Regulation (DBPR) issues the following licenses:

  • Alarm Systems Contractor (EF)
  • Underground Utility Contractor (CU)
  • Excavation Contractor (RU)

Florida Department of Financial Services Division of State Fire Marshal Certificates:

  • Fire Equipment Dealer
  • Sparkler Registration
  • Fire Protection Systems Contractor

How do I apply for a Fire Permit with The City of Ocoee?

Scope of Work?

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems installed in one and two family detached dwellings
  • Underground mains dedicated to fire protection systems
  • Gaseous, foam or chemical extinguishing systems
  • Pre-engineered systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems

What is needed in plan/shop drawings?

  • Set of plans (electronically signed and sealed if applicable) must reference the Florida Fire Prevention Code and appropriate National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and current editions.  
  • The manufacturer product/data/parts literature for all materials.  Highlighting materials to be used.
  • For installation of fire alarms, provide plans and battery calculations in accordance with NFPA 72.
  • For fire sprinkler systems, include hydraulic calculations in accordance with NFPA 13.
  • For chemical suppression systems, indicate pipe sizes, plenum nozzle coverage, flow point information and location of remote pull station.
  • For gaseous suppression agents, the agent type and quantity, the description of hazard and application type, and the design concentration and calculations.

What other document’s may be required?

  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Notice of Commencement

When are signed and sealed documents required?

Common Requirements to all Fire Protection System Engineering Documents.  61G15-32.003 Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Common Requirements to All Fire Protection System Engineering Documents and the Florida Building Code Section 105 requires that during Building Permit application, plans for fire sprinkler installations involving 50 or more heads, and fire alarm installations with a cost greater than $5,000, be signed and sealed from a registered professional engineer.   Otherwise, a licensed Fire Contractor or Electrical Contractor can design and create the plans.  If installations are not associated with a building permit but include a fire sprinkler system involving 50 or more heads, or fire alarm installations with a cost greater than $5,000, one set of signed and sealed drawings by the installing contractor are needed.   All documents must be uploaded in PDF format.

When can I submit revisions?

  • Plan revisions may not be submitted until Fire Plan Review is approved and permit has been paid for and issued.  Turnaround time for revision review is dependent on the scope of the changes.  All revisions must be accompanied with a written narrative describing the changes and changes need to be clearly identified on the plans.  A Revision-Comment Response form must also be submitted with revision request. This document can be found in your Citizen Portal.

How can I check the status of my permit?

  • When your permit has been reviewed for your Initial, Fire and Final application process, you will receive an email notification of all reviewed steps.   You can then log into your Citizen Portal and review all comments.

How do I schedule an inspection?

  • Contractors are required to call 407-905-3140 to schedule all inspections.

What other related activities will require a Fire Permit?

  • In addition to the items identified in the first section, the Office of Fire Permitting Services processes other types of fire activities for the Fire Safety Management Division of the Ocoee Fire Department.   The following is a list of other related activities available:
    1. Fireworks
    2. Department of Children & Family Services Inspection/DCF
      • This is not a permit, it is a request for an inspection of facilities such as: daycare facilities, assisted living facilities, foster homes, and adult group homes.  The customer calls 407-905-3140 to set up an inspection.   Upon the inspection date the Fire Marshal will complete an Inspection Request form and give a signed copy to the facility agent /owner.
    3. Hydrant Flow Test
      • This is not a permit.  We do ask you email a request with exact written location and Google map with exact hydrant location.  Once test is completed we also require you email the Fire Department with results.
    4. Burn Permits visit:

**If you are granted a Burn Permit, you must call our office 407-905-3140 each day you burn.  Please have your Burn Permit Number and location of controlled burn ready when you call, as we will ask you for this information.


  • No Life Safety plan provided.
  • Plans not stamped (If required see 61G15-32.003 for requirements)
  • Incomplete summary of codes, including missing code references and incorrect editions listed.
  • Sprinkler and fire alarm design documents, including hydraulic calculations, missing from submitted plans when required.
  • Fire extinguisher locations missing from plans.
  • Insufficient remoteness of exits.
  • Point of service location on site plan not clearly shown.
  • ISO and necessary fire calculations not provided.
  • Incorrect spacing of sprinkler heads.
  • Incorrect spacing of fire alarm notification devices.
  • Incorrect or missing door ratings in fire-rated missing assemblies.
  • Incorrect locking devised on doors.
  • Hold open devises shown without corresponding smoke detectors.
  • Incorrect color coding of fire hydrants.

 This document is intended to be a guide and may not contain all requirements needed to obtain permits and approval from the City of Ocoee Fire Department.

Fire Permit Application