Distribution and Collection

Sewer and Pre-Treatment Industrial Manual

For information, please view the City of Ocoee Utilities Department Sewer and Industrial Pre-Treatment Usage Manual.

Treatment Plants

The public utility operation begins with water production. Currently the City of Ocoee has 2 water treatment plants; the South Water Treatment Plant and the Forest Oaks Water Treatment Plant.

These plants are manned by highly trained operators who continually maintain their educational requirements and stay aware of new federal, state and regional requirements regarding water production. Please view the City of Ocoee's Annual Consumer Confidence Reports for additional information on water quality.

Service Pumps

High Service Pumps are the workhorses of the system. These are pumps that pressurize water so that it can be pumped to remote locations for use in homes and businesses. These pumps maintain the pressure in the water lines for you and most importantly the Fire Department. Without water pressure, there would be no water flowing from our faucets or out of the hydrants that are used to protect us from fire.


In addition to the High Service Pumps, there is constant monitoring of the chemicals that are added to the water: chlorine for disinfection and fluoride for dental health. Laboratory tests are continually performed to assure consistent water quality and that the water meets or exceeds federal and state standards.