The Road Patrol is the largest division in the agency. The men and women, who make up Road Patrol, answer calls for service dispatched by the Communications Department, patrol the city searching for crimes in progress, and traffic violations.

Their proactive approach not only detects crimes in progress but also is responsible for deterring countless other offenses.

Patrol Officers


In addition to handling the initial report of a crime, officers often conduct the follow-up investigation for misdemeanors or respond to State Attorneys Office tasking sheets requesting additional information. This allows detectives to concentrate their efforts on other crimes or long-term investigations.

Patrol Division of the Ocoee Police Department is responsible for responding to crimes, traffic accidents, and matters impacting public safety and order in Ocoee.

Community Oriented Policing

The Ocoee Police Department has embraced a Community Oriented Policing (COP) system. One of the ways the members of the Road Patrol demonstrate their participation in this system of policing is by volunteering to teach classes for the Citizen Police Academy (CPA) and local businesses. We have even added a boat patrol detail to address our presence on our area lakes and waterways.